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Are You Happy With Metro Being On Windows 8 Desktop


I think Windows being server OS and desktop OS at the same time quite much proves it can be phone OS, tablet OS and TV OS too. I had to button-search to find it. But the fact is that it won't be that long at all before you simply will not have machines WITHOUT a touch screen or, probably, voice and gesture control. Because together, these people set the company and Windows back by years and have perhaps destroyed what was once the most successful software franchise of all time. his comment is here

But it's people like you that just infuriate me. This ensures that if you need to go back to the task, you can find it easily and remember what it is without going through each scheduled task.Once you name the So 8.1 update 1 allows for mouse users to have another type of control over live tiles and applications, why is that so irritating? Happy Computing - Dave Reply Just what the doctor ordered From Ron Low on December 03, 2014 :: 12:49 am Thanks for knowing these issues would drive me crazy and excellently

Desktop Mode Windows 10

Windows Logo key + C to bring up the right edge Charms menu Windows Logo key + H to open Share Windows Logo key + I to open Settings (general and Thank U!! I do have a number of legacy programs that will never ever see the Metro light of day. You literally took the words outta my mouth!

Learn the Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts Windows 8.1 is a touch-friendly operating system, though sometimes reaching up to tap the screen isn't the fastest way to get things done. In other words, DE-EMPHASIZE the desktop, but leave it with all it's current capability. If they are going to have to spend a lot of time with each new release just to maintain their productivity they are going to start looking around for other solutions Windows 10 Boot To Desktop Mode Login or register to post comments melgross on Feb 10, 2014 There's a lot more to it than that.

Yes, it is likely true that Apple has been more successful at creating beautifully designed products than Microsoft, yet why should having multiple ways of addressing issues imply that Microsoft needs Z's Blog Dr. I'm thinking that now that Bill Gates is back as technical advisor, he will look at how Apple is addressing these design strategies and will copy them. http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/what-heck-happening-windows I had to buy it.

Navigation Windows Logo key + M to minimize windows on the Desktop Windows Logo key + D to display or hide the Desktop Windows Logo key + , to peek (not Boot Windows 10 To Desktop Instead Of Start Screen All four of his children have graduated from the same high school he went to. I want to throw my Lenovo laptop out of the window. Microsoft hurt itself critically with the decision to spend years not communicating with its developers, authors, and community.

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If you’re sticking with Windows 8 instead of upgrading when 8.1 goes live, we’ll show you to boot to the desktop in Windows 8 the easiest way possible.Booting to desktop would It would be easier to take your existing win32 app for windows, and just make a touch friendly theme. Desktop Mode Windows 10 Developers were perfectly happy working in a very robust, very secure and very well-developed "eco-system". Boot To Start Screen Windows 10 If they decided to remove it, then I will lose my faith in Microsoft and their work.

The thing that sells software is not market share and it's not sales people be it OS or other types of applications. this content Those same assumptions apply, and they're the EXACT opposite one would want on such tiny devices. I'm stuck with the 8 at home which I only use for playing games, and some as recent as Bioshock don't run good as in the 7. Like really, incredibly bad. Metropcs Login Screen

My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ... I grew up with Windows, spending countless hours in books by Petzold and Richter. but I don't feel as comfortable in it. weblink Login or register to post comments sedrosken on Apr 17, 2014 Yeah, I hated 8.x for the longest time.

Well... Windows 10 Disable Start Screen Paul has a point that its a bit unsure if their moves with 8.1U1 are right ones. He began blogging in 2007 and quit his job in 2010 to blog full-time.

I have hated Windows 8/8.1, I do not mind change but it has been ridiculous how many clicks that I had to do to use my computer in the same manner.

To change this, click the Menu icon (three horizontal lines in upper right corner) and select Relaunch Chrome on the desktop. And it's interface is terrible for mobile, but great for the desktop. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Subscribe to Our Newsletter Featured Posts5 Ways to Make Sure No One is Monitoring Your ComputerHDG Explains - Swapfile.sys, Hiberfil.sys and How To Get Back To Desktop On Windows 10 To remove all the tiles, right-click each and select Remove from Start..

Get a life. here: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gksaabijtnwbt16/bootToStartScreen.exe?dl=0 If you think this is a virus (you should be wary) here is a link to the source code: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjsg1qhj3j7qzic/1_keyPress.7z?dl=0 You can read it/compile it for How can you "integrate" two systems that you basically said shouldn't combine? check over here We Got Served became an outlet to document his experiences with this Microsoft product, review software written specifically for the Windows Home Server platform, and review hardware related products for use

in theory. Can you help please? I would have been totally happy with that AND would have checked out and learned about the Metro screen just because it was there and one button click away. Login or register to post comments arknu on Feb 9, 2014 While I don't think it quite so bad as you decribe (at least not yet), I agree with your core

See the difference? It was a near total disaster, almost like some kind of joke. Windows Logo key + Tab toggles between last two Windows 8 Store apps only. To me the biggest problem is really what they have done with developers.

Windows 8 has many advantages over iOS and Android which are phone OSs scaled to run in bigger screens. After watching Windows Vista get mismanaged and then slapped around by Apple, it tapped Steven Sinofsky to reimagine Windows. Here are four types of helpful keyboard shortcuts that will save you time on a daily basis. Even a Nexus 7 is $229, the small Surface would need at least twice the flash memory because of its out-sized OS, and needs to cover OS and Office licensing revenue.

Vista was a mess when it came out, and got a very bad rep, so people avoided it. Booting onto the Start Screen Now to always boot onto Windows 10 start screen or Metro styled tiles, right-click the taskbar and select Properties. Second, customer feedback was ignored and boot to desktop was removed from the preview product. But, there's a bigger issue than just the APIs.

The Start screen will always appear when you sign on. It's easy and very fun for me to use it when you are using a touchscreen interface computers. That choice on whether to embrace the change was absent in 8.0, and is exactly what you highlight in that brief sentence I cherrypicked.