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Short causing windows load to fail

BSOD Windows 7 x64

Change position of sys tray/clock in win7 taskbar?

I need some help with program bug. (Windows 7)

Vista 64bit won't recognize USB mouse anymore

Wind XP iertutil.dll error - HELP!

Unable to login win7 After using net user del command

Window 7 wont load


Windows 7 in Domain

Windows 7

Booting the correct windows


Setting up windows 7 machine - gaming

windows backup problem

trying to install sp1

Puresight - annoying startup screen

Can't update windows anymore

BCCode: 50 - Windows 7

very slow boot-up

Increasing Partition Size

vst or w7 TB part limit

Seeking fix before attempting format/install

folders locked?.

win 7 upgrade hang

Windows and programs loading so slowly! Tried everything! Please help!

BSOD crashes: ntoskrnl problem

windows 7 ult bsod atleast 6 times a day


comuter not being able to update

upgrading to win 7

Add and Remove Program not working

Windows 7 product key

windows 7 installed

Cant rename or delete file

Intermittent internet problems on Win7

Possible Virus? userinit.exe tskmgr.exe failed to initialize 0x0000142

Windows 7 Installation

Windows 7 Ultimate

Computer will not update anything! Help please

no wireless network connections appearing in control panel

BSOD every 2 or 3 days on New W7 machine Zip 1 and 2

Windows 7 Refuses to Start Up

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit os got correcpt

Win7 & Platform Drivers

Windows 7 wont load/really slow and unresponsive after login

How to automatically login with domain login?

reinstalled Win 7 on a Dell

Windows 7 User Account Control Panel has limited options

Bluescreen crashdump

Windows freezes during repair installation

Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death - 0x00000009c

Home Basic

Windows 7 major issue! please help

Pensioner Needs Help with USB Problems

Windows 7 unable to login

windows 7 wont activate what should I do?

Windows 7 will not boot up! Tried all BootRec CMDs

Microsoft operating system 7 vs. HP laserjet4l

Win7 on Win8 UEFI laptop?

Windows 7 booting and freezing problems

Web Filter and Activity reporting in Windows 7

Creating user not visible with welcome screen-log on

Macbook Pro running Windows 7 Pro is not compatible?

Win 7 or not?

Brightness setting missing

Windows 7 64bit BSOD every few minutes

Can I do Windows updates without IE?

Formatted Windows 7 Starter; No Internet

Widows starts up then logs back out!

A multitude of errors installing Win7 SP1

Help with user accounts and safe mode

Slow boot up and slow computer

Wireless problem on windows 7

Loading XP ISO to flash drive for loading on desktops

win32.sys BSOD now I can't boot or reinstall XP

Have no wirless connection

Installing Windows with a USB

windows update refuses to work

Windows 7 drver install problem

Win 7 64-bit Pro DVD Boot.


slow startup with error message

explorer.exe - Unable to locate component

Windows 7 is locking up on me

Window classic view and can't connect to internet.

Windows 7 Upgrade?

I cannot install my network controller

Vista missing CD\DVD device drivers

Am I overdoing my RAM for a 32 bit version of Windows 7 Pro

shell32.dll change - please i need help

Windows 7 corrupt after SP1 install

Windows 7 error 7001 (windows freezes after 2 to 15min)

Windows 7 Ultimate Can't connect to internet/audio not working

Desktop Icon Problem! Please Help :(

GDIPlus.dll - Is it part of a Redistributable?

Windows Vista error code: 8024402C

Realtek hd audio problem in windows 7

[HELP ME] Install Windows 7 on windows 8

"Busy" circle cursor doesn't spin

[Request for Help] Windows Update Cleanup not clearing

[Q] How to change language within Metro screen

[Q] Installing Win7 on Win8.1 Laptop as Dual Boot

4GB RAM Shows 2.2 Available

3rd attempt that's IT --Bye Bye and back to Consumer preview

5 times reinstall-again user corrupted

8.1 Found Workgroup printer. I'm not on WG! New Printer

24 updates applied today!

About to uninstall 8 and put Windows 7 on computer


"Custom" option missing from "Search again in"

7 & 8 Dual boot

8.1 - Cannot Hide Custom Made Libraries in Navigation Pane

advanced boot freeze

Aero isn't gone.

After enabling Windows Mail

activation popups

Accessories Missing

advanced help with windows 8.1 explorer search filters!

|Windows 8| Auto log off when entering password.

8.1 finds printer in other room but I blocked all sharing

All USB mice/keyboards work in UEFI


All Brightness Sliders/Settings Gone

All of SSD drive not visible on Windows 8 install

Adding Windows 7 to a new laptop with Windows 8


Any definitive list of 8.1 updates I should avoid

Alternative for HP Printer driver

Administrator Account Help

any way to increase size of disk partition

Anyone Integrating Windows Updates Into Windows 8 Install

Anyone try a sysprep with an unattended.xml yet

Aero problem

Admin account profile corrupted

Automatic Colour in personalisation ceased functioning

After New Internet Installation

Admin accounts

ask about install windows 8 pro ( i have windows 7 )

Any Links to the DIRECT ISO RP download any more

Applications and desktop

Automatic hibernate when logged out

Beautify Your Windows

Another reason I'll stay with Windows 7

Backing up program installation files

Backup Win 7 and Win 8 from dual-boot systems

Best Windows modders

BDOS - Win8 - 64bit

Best prog for tweaking settings

Black login screen

Blocking internet access: unnecessary processes

Black Screen Wallpaper bug

Bit Locker issue. Explorer Window with drive pops up

Border of window I'm using blinks & mouse acts up.

Bootloader for Windows lost

botable windows 7 and 8 on one flash drive

Bootscreen changed after repair

Boot up waaaay too slow

Boot Loader crasheed need to reinstall windows.

Broken "Open with."

Blue "busy" circle icon doesn't spin

BSOD - Shows after System Boot [Startup Problem]

Bootloader still shows up after deleted partition

Blank Screen After Windows 7 Ultimate Installation

Broken .net Win 7 to Win 8.1 and junk.

Boot into User instead of Administrator

Boot problems from multi drive system

Boot up extremely slow and tried everything

BSOD and total windows crash and recovery crash/failure

Black desktop and empty start menu

Brightness control

BSOD almost everyday at random. Dmp file included

BSOD in Windows 7 Ultimate (Nothing Installed Recently)

Broken Icon In Windows Games Folder

BSOD - memory dump error/crash

BSOD on Restart: 0x0000009F

BSOD on next start driver_power_state_failure

BSOD ntoskrnl.exe/hal.ll (0x0000003b)

BSOD on hibernation windows 8.1 x64

BSOD related to sleep/hibernate

BSOD related to nvlddmkm.sys and dxgkrnl.sys. Help

BSOD on new system

BSOD followed by computer unable to restart or shutdown

BSOD recently started. Error 0x0000009f

bsod on error 0x000000c2

BSOD on new build - usually after logging in

BSOD During Installation

BSOD when starting machine with reoaired graphics card

BSOD when coming out of Sleep/Hibernate after upgrade to 8

BSOD Windows 8.1 laptops - RDR_FILE_SYSTEM (27)

BSODs ntoskrnl.exe 0x0000003b

BSOD when dowloading Drivers. Sysdata and Minidump

BSOD.for driver_power_state_failure

BSOD Memory.dmp Error

BSOD-MEMORY.DMP Crashes non-stop

bsod with new z77 system new win 8

BSODs at startup or from sleep - can anyone read dumps

Can Windows 7 OS be installed on a PC that came with W8

Can I install Win8 and keep using Win7

Can I alter other users power settings through regedit

Cannot burn DVD but CDR burns just fine using Win Media Pr

Cannot access APPS after BSOD

Can't authenticate to admin account or restore windows

Cannot update windows

Cannot install updates

Can I dual-boot Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8 Server

Cannot boot to Windows Repair disk

Can I add Network (Ethernet and WIFI) icon to taskbar

Cannot upgrade to Win8 Pro Retail from Win8 RP.

Can't download ANY updates

can't download -possible win-update problem

Cannot install any driver

Can't install Windows 7/8

Can't install updates

Cannot install any driver software

cannot set wallpapers per monitor

Can't install a WIndows update (code 80073712)

Can't delete a user account! Please help!

Cannot downgrade from win8 to 7

Can't connect to WiFi after fresh install (incorrect pass)

Can't remove or format a drive

can't install windows 8 on acer E1-531

Cannot install drivers for my wifi adapter!

Cant enter windows

Change OS from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Can't re-instell from Factory Recovery Dsks. Possible MBR

Cheap Places to Purchase Windows 8.1 Standard/Home x64

changing the login method (from just password to username)

Clean Installation Win8 Failure (No Disk Space)

Changing the color of Start button

Clear thorough tutorial for fixing windows 7/8 dual boot issue

Chkdsk Shortcut in Win7/8

Change username displayed at logon screen LastLoggedOnUser

choose default program option is broken

Changing windows language

Clock Keeps Going out of Sync

Change order of taskbar windows

Changing Entire Taskbar Height

Changing login screen background

change bios

Change default login account

Computer BSOD / Freezing after start up

Computer will not lock

Computer hangs on power down

Computer won't reboot after fresh install

Consistant black screen freezes on fresh install.

Consensus on getting Windows 7 desktop look & feel

comp booted as new/nothing in start menu

Crashes during sleep

Corrupted() Win7x64 to upgrade to Win8Prox64 -- Possible

CPU running at ~80% when computer is idling

corrupt files - how can i find/fix/delete them

corrupt system files after new installation of upgrade

Crashes on reboot

Constant issues with Windows 8 networking to Windows 7

Creating Recovery USB with different outcomes.

D3DRM.dll is not loaded Problem

Checking for updates is necessary

Corrupt Boot Problem

Creating a Windows 8 DVD to install ANY version

Crash on wake from long sleep

customize the logon screen

Dell Windows 8 preinstalled laptop downgraded to windows 7

Difference Between Windows 7 and 8

Disable recurring logon screen

Dell won't provide promised Windows 8.1 license

Different font size for different monitors

disable password protection on wakeup on a domain station

Downloading and installing Wondows 8 OEM

Download and not install update

DISM Analyze command not recognized

Desktop Window Customization

Downgrade 8 to 7 on HP Pavilion 11- n001ew drivers error

Do not have files to create a system repair disc HELP!

Different slideshow folder per monitor

Does the downloadable W8.1 ISO contain all updates to date

Displaying different images on two different monitors

Do I really need KB2976978 and KB3068708

Display Local Account Name Across 2 Lines on Start Screen

dual bood windows 7 32 bit with windows 8 64 uefi (gpt )

Dual Boot (Win 7 & 8) issue

Dual Booting Windows 7 with pre-installed Windows 8 Laptop

downgrade from 8.1 pro to 7 ultimate

Dual boot 8/7 install issue

Dual boot - Windows 8 Pro and Windows 7

DX9.0c - win7 vs win8.1 :-(

Dual/Multi Boot games form Windows 7 on Windows 8

Dual-and-a-half boot error messages want offline chkdsk

Duel booting win 7 win 8 and win XP + Tips

Dualboot and trying to install win7 over win8 MBR - GPT

Dual booted Windows 7 and 8

Empty Windows.old folder - OK to delete

Dual Boot Windows 7 & 8

Dual installation with Windows 7 and 8

Dual boot windows 7 and 8

Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 Upgrade

Dual Booting Windows 7 with Windows 8 Pre-Installed UEFI

Dual boot:Everytime I use win 8

Dual Booting Windows 7 and Windows 8

duel boot win 7 win 8

Enlarge Desktop Tray Clock Display

Email address affecting access of network files

Enabling dual boot Windows 7/Windows 8

Enable full administrative power

ERROR 0x8007045D: While performing backup to External

Dual Boot - Install Win 7 on Pre-Installed Win 8 System

Error when resuming from hibernation in Win 7

DVD does not AutoPlay

Driver for Intel 82915G.

DVD Player does not autoplay

Eight will not update after install

Explorer showing Icons instead of thumbnails.

eSATA external HDD works with Windows 7

Error then loading windows installiation dvd

ESata - Recognizing and starting my Drive

Explorer.exe how to fix this

explorer.exe problems

Error on installing Win7 in UEFI

fail to load error message just after windows 8 starts up

Error code and 2 updates won't install

Faster system startup

Factory-installed Win8 Failed Initial Boot

Endless Search process in Windows 8

export windows 7 sound effects to windows 8

Fix bootloader

Failed upgrade from win 7 using dvd or local file!

Folders and the Start Screen

Dual Boot Windows 7 & 8 (With Windows 7 Installed later)

External HDD with eSATA connection not recognized

flash drive but can't run the windows 7 installation

format reinstall

February Windows Updates

Failed Windows Updates

Fix KB3319142 always wants to be installed.

Games hanging problems in Windows 8

Font worked fine in Win 7 is not working right in Win 8

Explorer.exe crash/hang until I force shutdown

Format Factory changed my icons and I can't fix it

FULL Windows 8: System 32 Database (x64)

Free legal copy of Wndows 7

Folder Disappearing On dual monitor.


Function key F8 not working at start-up

Hang on Restart/Shut Down

Getting the Windows 7 install to work

Hard to see if I am willing to buy this when it won't install

Had a bumpy W7 Home Pre -> W8 Pro upgrade

Getting back Windows 7 sounds for Windows 8

Guest Account Photo is empty (not default)

Hard Drive is full for no obvious reasons

Having problems downloading and installing windows updates

Help with Backup

Help with installation (Partition issues)

Help! Did a clean install of RC on a new system.

Hiding available users at login

HELP! Installed Windows 8 (dual boot) but lost Windows 7 Basic

Help to install windows 7

Homegroup and sharing problems Win7/8

Hibernation issue

Help Setting Up Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 RP

HELP: dual-booting W7/8

How can i create a windows 7 bootable usb on osx

Happy with Win 8 and want to delete Win7

Homegroup sharing/network path does not exist

Homegroup Problem (explorer autom. returns to HG screen)

How can I restore win 8.1 back up files

how can i know if trim is enable

How Do I add Windows 7 to a newly bought Windows 8 Laptop

Hardware Buttons not working with fresh install of Windows

How can I get rid of folders windows old and windows000

Hi my name is Adam. I am having winsxs issues.

how can i customize my login screen

Help! Win 8 installed over Win 7

How do I change size/color of one or two desktop icons

How can I add W8.1 to a workgroup containing W7

How do I change the taskbar clock to another style

Having two kind of BSODs

How do I remove OEM Win8 and install Windows 7

How in the bloody heck do I get rid of auto sign in

How do I create the "same account" on Win 8 and Win 7

How to backup/sysprep for new mobo & CPU & maybe OS

How do I add Windows 7 to my Windows 8 boot dialog (win 7 restored)

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