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Defender switches off

A service guy tells me Norton360 must be running

Action Center warning: MSE & Defender turned off

Add Windows Defender icon to System area of TaskBar

Action Center says problem with Cygwin

antivirus programs (windows defender and avast) turned off

Another W8.1 to W10 compatability update this morning.

Activating Windows Defender

Automatic updates enabled for Defender ONLY

Auto update Windows Defender

Can You Schedule Windows Defender Scans

Can not turn Windows defender on .

Cannot Turn Windows Defender back On

Cannot update Antvirus and Windows update failure

Cannot turn on Windows Defender

Cannot restart Defender

Can't figure out how to turn my windows defender back on

Can't access Defender

Can't do a Windows Defender full scan on one laptop but

Cant find windows defender

Cannot get Defender to activate

Can't locate Windows Defender to activate

Can't enable Windows Defender - removed other Anti-Virus

can't open windows defender. after security check

Can't install Defender Update

Can't Disable Defender

Cant find quarantined file

Currrently any way to get MSE installed over Defender

Defender will not open in Windows 8

Defender Definition Updates

Defender - can it update automatically on it's own

defender - quarantined files

Defender scanning SSD. More files scanned than listed

Defender won't open in windows 8

defender not on

Defender updates saying July 2014

Download Windows Defender - Online Directions Not Valid

Defender will not run

Does W8 Defender definitions lag behind those for W7

Failed Windows Defender definition update question

Error when trying to disable Windows Defender

HEEEELP! Windows Defender Updates Uninstalling Drivers

How do I do a manual scan of one file with Windows defender and Win 8

How can you disable windows defender updates

How Do I Re Enable Windows Defender

How do I turn on Windows Defender in Windows 8

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